VMware Certified Advanced Professional 7 – Desktop and Mobility Design exam (VCAP7-DTM Design)

After almost a decade of working with VMware’s EUC offerings I have finally found time to sit (and pass) a VCAP7-DTM Design after a lot of badgering from VMware.

The exam itself is very similar to other VMware multiple choice exams such as all the VCPs. However for the VCAP they now have some drag and drop questions for matching a statement to a definition.

Unfortunately for those who are new to the Horizon Suite or completing client design meetings, I can’t say it will be easy. Many of the questions revolve around architecture design and requirement’s gathering, so having an understanding of VMware’s best practice design methodology is a must.

Luckily VMware have produced a blueprint for the exam which identifies the areas which are covered so that you know the product sets to focus on. It’s important to note the product versions which are required as the exam does not use the latest versions and this will affect sizing estimates and feature availability. If it’s not in the blueprint, it’s not required, so don’t go focusing too much on the technical details of NSX for Desktops for example, but do have an understanding of the sizing limits of Horizon and vSphere.

The blueprint can be found HERE

The appendix of the blueprint lists 115 references which I would highly recommend reading before the exam. Helpfully someone has bundled these all together in a single zip file to save us having to sort through all this ourselves. So a massive thank you to Kyran Brophy for doing this.

Download the bundle HERE (64MB).

Kyran has also broken down the blueprint to complete a VCAP7-DTM Design Study Guide, and I can highly recommend reading through it to make sure you have an understanding of the requirements. His Study Guide’s start page can be found HERE

The cost for VCAP exams is now quite significant ($450) so unless you’re lucky enough to have a free exam at VMworld or EMPower, I would recommend a few weeks dedicated study time before the exam for running through the reference architectures and the aforementioned references and study guide.

Good luck.

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    1. No lab for Design exam, exactly the same interface as the VCP-DTM, just more diagrams.

      Deploy is the one which has the Lab, but it’s still on H6, H7 version is still TBA

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