[Podcast] What is VDI anyway?

I was asked to join a podcast with my colleague Matt Tupper to discuss all things VDI.

Joining us in this episode are Senior Consultants, Matt Tupper and Chris Mitchell, who talk us through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Our guests investigate the importance of VDI, its appeal to organisations, the key players within the space and the benefits that it’s adoption is bringing.

Matt and Chris also explore the trends in the adoption of VDI that Xtravirt are seeing among their clients, the potential pitfalls clients come across when moving towards it and the questions to ask to avoid mistakes, as well as where the future is heading.

  • What is VDI and why is it important?
  • Which market factors are driving adoption of the VDI model?
  • Who are the key players within VDI?
  • What are the potential pitfalls when moving towards a VDI model?
  • Where is the future heading?