End User Computing – The Road to a Modern Desktop

This is a prezi presentation for at a talk I presented at a TechnologyUG event discussing the steps involved in planning any EUC project and the pitfalls to avoid.

I promise it was better with the full talk around the highlighted points, but it covers the major steps of going through an EUC project. Note that I say “EUC” not “VMware Horizon VDI” because it is better to discover the correct fit for a customer. I have seen projects fail because a consultant or customer have been doggedly attached to a specific idea or vendor where another solution or approach might be a better fit.

It doesn’t go into the greater detail of Application Virtualisation technologies such as AppVolumes, FlexApp, App-V, ThinApp due to time constraints but the greatest take away I want to push is that you must do a pre assessment of the current state. Without that you are doomed to failure.

[prezi url=”http://prezi.com/nwj6prlyaysz/” width=”550″ height=”400″ zoom_freely=”Y” ]