Double Achievement Day: VMware Advanced Architecture Course and vExpert Cloud Management 2019

I have spent the last two weeks completing the VMware Centre for Advanced Learning’s Advanced Architecture Course in La Defense in Paris.

They don’t announce individual scores but the lowest was 82 out of 100 and the highest 92, so everyone did extremely well and I am proud to have been part of this cohort. I’m especially proud of my Team SSRC (Source) made up of [S]urjit Randhawa, Hus[S]am Abbas, [R]aeed Aldawood all from VMware PSO METNA and myself for getting the third best solution presentation when we were up against VMware PreSales, VCDXs, VCDX panel members, and VMware Staff Architects

Team SSRC with VMware’s Principal Architect Carsten Schaefer making me feel short

Additionally I received the Best Partner award and Surj received the award for Value Added and Expertise

Me with Andrea Siviero VMware Principal Architect
Surjit with Mitesh Pancholy and TJ Vatsa both Principal Consulting Architects

The AAC is a course intended to:

Strengthen architectural & solution outcome skills in VMware Sr Consultants, Architects and Partners by establishing a baseline and model to interact with VMware Customers, leading the discovery, design and effectively communicate VMware solutions.

The Advanced Architecture Course is a very comprehensive program covering not just technical content across solutions; but it also includes presentation and business skills, our VMware IT Value Model and Digital Workspace Journey Model, solution design best practices, and internal and industry standard architectural methodologies.

If you are ever offered a chance to attend this course I can highly recommend it. But it’s not a course to be taken lightly. There was 32 hours of prerequisite training, as well as needing to learn a Case Study which would be used for the final Presentation, which is completed throughout the course. The course itself started at 8am every day and generally we did not finish the team work until at least 10pm most nights

Additionally, on the same day I passed the AAC, the VMware vExpert Cloud Management 2019 announcement has been released, and I have been recognised for community contributions in the cloud management space!